Team 'Hose Brew' takes Silver at Beervana.

16 Aug 2017

Congratulations to our lads from team 'Hose Brew' in their trip to Beervana and returning home with the silver medal in the home brew competition.

Our Mount Maunganui warehouse  co-ordinator (and specialty home brewer) Paul Shepherd and his merry men from team 'Hose Brew' did us proud by bringing home the silver medal at the 2017 Beervana beer festival.


The Hose Brew entry into the home brew section of Beervana (a team competition) was a vision of our group Chairman, Warwick Talbut who decided that we would design a beer, submit an entry to the beer festival for judging and send a team to Beervana if we made it into the top 8 of the competition.


Hose Supplies paid for the ingredients, travel costs and entry for the team represent Hose Brew at Beervana.

After making the top 8 from the large number of home brew beers submitted to the competition the 'Hose Crew' was formed comprising of, Paul, Matt, JP & Dodge.


The lads then needed to make it through several (gruelling) rounds of Boat Races, Flippy Cup and Beer Trivia where the remaining two teams would undergo a final scrutiny from the Beervana judges (with their educated beer palates) so an overall winner could be crowned.


After what seemed like an eternity and lots of chatter from the judges the Hose Brew entry was awarded the silver in the 2017 competition, an accomplishment we are very proud of.


Paul works in our Mount Maunganui warehouse operations and has impressed us with his previous beer creations after producing delicious beverages for our work Christmas parties and also for our Rugby World Cup celebrations.


The recipe submitted at Beervana was based on a traditional malty English brown ale which impressed the judges at the Wellington festival. "I was really happy to make the top eight - anything past that was a bonus."



It was the culmination of eight years painstakingly producing his own brews, sparked by the absence in New Zealand of affordable English-style brown ales that inspired Paul's entry.


Apart from winning a gold medal and a couple of bronzes in an Auckland home brewing competition four years ago, Paul had never bothered much with contests until Warwick thought it would be good idea to enter Beervana


The enormously successful Wellington festival sold out three of its four sessions and attracted 14,500 patrons. 


Paul produces 20 litres of beer per batch (equivalent to five dozen stubbies) with the biggest cost imposed by the current worldwide shortage of hops. "I make everything, but my favourite is English-style brown beer.



"Looking back on his brewing efforts over the past eight years, Paul reckons that he wouldn't drink the first brew he put down using the miniature commercial process. "It's been all about constant improvements and tweaking.


After sampling Paul's creation for Beervana we were quietly confident our 'Hose Brew' would do well.


We look forward to sending another team to next years event and helping Paul 'sample' his next creation.










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