Waterview tunnel opening.

30 Jul 2017

Since opening on July 2 the Waterview tunnel, which connects the Northwestern and Southwestern motorways, has been praised by motorists for slashing commuting times particularly between Auckland International Airport and the CBD.

But it's not just commuters singing the tunnel's praises. 


"What used to take an hour to travel from the CBD to Mangere, truckies can now do in 30 minutes," 


"One operator was previously making five trips between the ports and Mangere every day. He now does seven. A 40 per cent increase in productivity."

For that freight operator, the tunnel meant about an extra 700 trips per year were possible.

On average, a truck costs about $150 an hour to run. That is about $1200 per day.

With travel times between the CBD and Mangere halved, operators had a cost saving of about $75 per truck, per hour or $600 a day. 


Source: stuff.co.nz


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