M.V. Rena Grounding - Astrolabe Reef.

31 Oct 2011

Hose Supplies NZ Ltd was proud to support the salvage operation of the M.V. Rena which ran aground in off the Bay of Plenty coastline of New Zealand.


On Wednesday 5 October 2011 at 2:20 AM while sailing from Napier to Tauranga, the ship was carrying 1,368 containers, eight of which contained hazardous materials, as well as 1,700 tonnes of heavy fuel oil and 200 tonnes of marine diesel.


By Sunday, 9 October, a 5-kilometre oil slick threatened wildlife and the area's rich fishing waters.  


Oil from the Rena began washing ashore at Mount Maunganui beach on 10 October.  Bad weather that night caused the ship to shift on the reef, and the crew were evacuated.


The shifting of the ship caused further damage, resulting in a further 130–350 tonnes of oil leaking.


On 11 October the spill was declared New Zealand's worst ever maritime environmental disaster.


See our gallery below for a snapshot of our contribution to the salvage effort.


Video: Rena Debris Clean Up Overview.



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