Pressure Reducing Valve

Bermad Pressure Reducing Valve, 700 series.


Optimally-Engineered Waterworks Valve.


The basic valve design (globe or angle) results in lower pressure loss, reduced weight, and higher resistance to cavitation damage compared to that of a conventional control valve.


Each valve is available in sizes 40 - 800 mm, threaded or flanged, with pressure ratings up to ANSI Class 300 (ISO 25).


Pressure Reducing Valves valves are hydraulically operated by means of diaphragm actuators, (except for high-pressure application piston actuators).


Principally, the valves are constructed of ductile cast iron or steel (optional: other alloys) and are available with various protective coatings.


Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Double Chamber Valves vs Globe Pattern Valves:


The 700 Series double chambered valve operation is independent of valve differential pressure since the line pressure actually serves as the actuator differential pressure. 


This develops maximum power, ensuring immediate valve response.


The upper control chamber is pressurized to close, and vented to open the valve.


The lower control chamber is usually vented to the atmosphere, but can also be pressurized to power the valve open.

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