Caplamp, Oldham DL9 / DL16

Oldham products do not compromise when it comes to safety, performance or reliability.


Offering total safety; certified to IEC Ex, ATEX, SIRA, MSHA, ITACS and other internationally recognised safety standards.


No compromise on performance, Oldhamp caplamps provide full illumination throughout the day’s working operations, enabling maximum performance for the operator.


Oldham lamps will not fail in operation, giving the operator full confidence that they are using the best equipment available for working in hazardous environments.

Product Description


The heart of the D-series of mining lamps is the 3-Watt side-emitting power LED that is run at a genuine 3 watts. The light from this source is focussed by a unique reflector that gives a spot of 5000 lux at 1 metre and 10 Cd over 120 degrees, surpassing performance levels of all competitor LED powered lamps.


Internal control keeps the light output constant throughout a normal shift. If used for longer than a full shift duration, the light output gradually but noticeably drops, giving the operator plenty of time to leave the mine and put the lamp back on charge. 


This robust lamp is based around the rugged design of the G series lamps that have been the market-leading mining lamp for the last 50 years. Outstanding lighting performance, ease of maintenance and low cost of ownership have been the major factors influencing the design of this lamp. The lamp is ATEX and IEC Ex certified for use in Coal mines and other hazardous environments.


At daytime light levels, the eye’s cone photoreceptors dominate vision. As light levels decrease the rod receptors of the eye, which have greater short-wavelength spectral sensitivity than cones, play an increasing role in vision. Research indicates that at low-light conditions, a short-wavelength spectral content can improve visual performance. The spectral power distribution analysis indicates the short-wavelength content of the Oldham “D” caplamp, demonstrating clearly that the lamp is conducive to improving visual performance in typical mining / tunnelling conditions. Photometric tests show the Oldham “D” caplamp lighting intensity profile in the isocandela plot. The tight spot profile shows the precise nature of the “D” caplamp focus, making it ideal for viewing distant objects or for conducting fine detail work tasks that require high levels of luminance.




This ultra lightweight battery (just 500gms) the two batteries available have working capacities of 9Ah and 16 Ah to provide high performance lighting for full 8, 10 and 12-hour operational shifts. With a dual internal charge control circuit, the battery has higher levels of operational safety during charge and discharge than any other battery offered in the market today. For maximum longevity, the battery should be recharged on a charger that is specifically programmed for this technology. 

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